On a Mission: Canada’s Youngest Social Entrepreneurs

A video interview with Fatima Sultan (10) and her 8-year old sister, who believe in using their voice to make a difference.

Question: You are doing important work and have powerful messages. As two young girls, what advice do you have for others to avoid being unfairly judged and make sure that people listen and take you seriously? 

How did you discover your passion at such a young age?

When we were going to build a library in a First Nation community, we met an artist. He showed us his art and what it meant to him. We knew in that moment, we had to bring his art to the world through an online art store. It’s called “Two Sisters on a Mission”.

A few months later, we went to the Dominican Republic and stopped at an art store. It wasn’t too big and we noticed a scooter in the corner and heard a banging on the wall. We realized that this little space was the artist’s store, his house and his garage with four people living in it. And again,  we wondered ‘Why isn’t someone helping this person?’ And then it hit us, that ‘someone’ should be ‘me’. Why are we holding ourselves back from achieving something that has never been done before? I believed we had a voice and it should be heard. We speak for all the people, who cannot speak for themselves right now. And with that belief we are able to help people and artists around the world.

How do you overcome the fear of starting something new?

When you start something for the first time, there will obviously be a lot of fear. For all those girls out there, for all the artists, for everyone that’s trying to follow their dreams but is told over and over again that somehow maybe they are not enough, because they don’t have this or they don’t have that, our message is simple: you are enough. You have everything you need to be successful, all you have to do is start following your dreams to the fullest potential.

What’s next for you?

We believe that we can get artists from around the world, and help them. Also, we want to bring our art to the world and we want to grow our business and help more artists. That said, our next business will be built around technology and coding to empower girls and let them know that they are the change the world needs.



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