Places Every Girl Should Visit

Traveling to new places and experiencing exciting new things can inspire all of us. We asked a few of our amazing Emmz women to recommend places that they believe every girl should visit, and why.

Julie Menin – 

Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam, if you can. When you see that, you are struck by what a huge impact one young girl can have.

Sarah Walko – 

There are so many places. One that stood out for me was a national park in Utah called Zion.

It’s gorgeous. It’s known for its canyons and landscapes because they have incredible orange and pink layering of the stones and the rocks. I felt like I was on Venus when I was there. You feel like you’re on another planet – it’s beautiful and also feels very foreign. When all of the sudden you encounter beauty, you find yourself in a place that makes you feel like anything is possible. It makes you think, “If this exists, how many places like this can exist?”

Sharon Salzberg –

London – I think it’s the most diverse city. I live part-time in New York, and still, London is so much more diverse.

Mette Dyhrberg – 

A peaceful place within ourselves.

Carmita Semaan – 

I strongly believe in the wisdom of elders. I think that young women should try and spend as much time as they can with wise elders who are women. Those can be grandparents, but they don’t have to be related to you. I gravitate towards older women who have lived through experiences. I believe that there are some things that you can’t be taught. You have to live your way to them. For that reason, I believe that part of our growth and our journey should include learning from those who have come before us, and, frankly, who have paved a way for us to live the lives that we live today. Visit them.

Raha Moharrak – 

Every young woman should try to visit a place that scares her, whatever that place is. Travel alone and you will never be the same. Every woman should learn how to be able to handle herself alone. So, I would say the one place every woman should visit is a place that scares you, a place that you wouldn’t imagine you would end up going. That really is what teaches you so much about yourself and, in return, would give you tools to be able to combat difficulties later in life – to be able to read people, to be able to handle situations alone and not rely on others. I think, especially in our society, we are taught to rely on mostly men and family members, which is OK, but you won’t always have that. You need to learn how to be independent and capable of getting yourself out of situations.

Biet Simkin –

Your inner world.

Jennifer Freed – 

We should have a national policy that every single young person must live in another country for at least three months. We would have a completely different international mindset. I think it would be revolutionary in terms of progress for the United States.

Caroline Paul – 

I have been all around the world, but I think that everybody should simply visit a place where the people are different and the landscape is different, and that could be the next town over. It could be in a different part of your own town, or a different part of your own country.

Heather Willems – 

Your local museum or art gallery. Not only can you see someone else’s perspective but also notice their skill, how it is displayed and how the show is curated. What ‘conversations’ do the works have with one another? What does the work have to say about our culture, community, history, and society?

Jana Kornberg – 

Europe – to get a taste of the rich history and beauty and that seamless blend of modern and ancient civilization. Whether you are interested in the Italian Renaissance, French Revolution, Scandinavian design or Greek Mythology, or you just want to experience different cultures, architecture or delicious cuisine in a diverse and compact place… And pretty much everyone understands English.

Mona Patel – 

I went to my great-grandfather’s home, and there’s something so grounding and awe-inspiring about remembering where you came from. I don’t ever feel alone. I can close my eyes and put myself there, and I feel so safe. I think when you’re safe, you’re not insecure. I don’t want any girls to be insecure. We do so many awful things with our insecurity, and I just want everyone to feel safe and comfortable being who they are.

Laura Simao – 

Yourself. Visit yourself every day with a sense of childish curiosity.

Nicki Radzely – 

I think every young woman should travel. For me, I would say New Zealand. Everyone can find themselves in New Zealand.

Sarah Carson – 

I think that the one thing that I think all girls should do is go to a live Ani DiFranco concert – this amazing folk music musician that I grew up with. She’s an awesome feminist and really gets vulnerable on stage. The audience is a crowd of empowered, excited group of men and women of all ages. It’s so empowering and thrilling to be in a live music environment with her. Go see a live Ani DiFranco concert!

Wanja Ochwada – 

Every young woman should visit Rome. You can learn so much about art, food, and culture, but mostly you learn what it is to truly take pleasure in living a life.


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