Morning Rituals To Start Your Day Right

Our daily actions are what creates our lifestyles and fuels our days. Adding just one or two rituals each month is a really good place to begin. We asked some of our amazing Emmz women to share their habits – read through this list and pick one or two that you can start tomorrow.

Jennifer Freed

I go to sleep at a reasonable time. I get up early and always start the day with a movement meditation practice called chi gong. I exercise every single day of my life—when I was younger, I was more of an extreme athlete, but now I just make sure that I get 30 minutes to an hour of some kind of good exercise. I also make time to write every morning.

Laura Simao

My morning ritual goes into three categories – mind, body and spirit. I always try to write in my journal in the morning – I’ll sit down and write whatever comes to mind, without structure and try to just draw/doodle. If it becomes a structured thing, then I start structuring it around a theme, but if not, I just leave it as unstructured as it comes to me. Then I meditate, even if it’s just for two minutes, to get myself centered. I also make myself a ‘green juice’ – with some kale, spinach, apple, banana, berries, ginger, sometimes almond butter and protein powder and just mix it all in, drink it and instantly feel super.  I should probably squeeze in a workout but more often than not I just do a bit of yoga and long, deep stretches. After all of this, I feel my body saying, “Thank you.” The last thing I do before I leave my house is I ask myself, “Do I feel beautiful?”

Mette Dyhrberg

I run every other morning, I have a protein shake and I drink a lot of water. I am a firm believer in rituals or daily health routines. You don’t have to think about it or force yourself, you are just on autopilot.

Mona Patel

The only thing that I do consistently in my morning routine is making sure I feel good about myself. I change my routine often. Some days, I do yoga or I meditate or journal. It depends on the day and what I need at the moment. I want to use that hour, my “power hour,” well. So, my discipline is around having a power hour, but my flexibility is around how I use it.

Jana Kornberg

The key for me is to wake up early enough to have quiet time for myself. I always find time to meditate for ten minutes with an app called Headspace which I have on my phone. It provides very simple guided meditations and you can choose your topic. This has a very big impact on my day and makes me calm and focused even if I’m confronted with unexpected challenges. I drink a glass of water with lemon or roasted dandelion spice detox tea. I believe in healthy light breakfasts, so most days it’s an omelet with veggies. I always pay attention to food that gives me energy, not takes energy from me. After breakfast I write a very simple to do list for the day –  it’s important to see my priorities on paper, as I can get very easily distracted.

Sarah Carson

My alarm clock is an empowering song. I want the first thing that I hear every day to be meaningful, so I have the song ‘Let It Be’ by John Lennon as my first song. Then, and I’m very fortunate, I get to walk to work and I always call someone I love. I call my grandmother or my mom. I take a lot of inspiration from my family. That’s why I’m here. Those are the three things that set me up for my day. People don’t talk anymore; you notice that? I don’t want to text, I just get on the phone and actually talk. It’s great.

Anna MacMahon

It starts the night before. Making sure I get enough sleep and eat the right foods are the most important things for me. And exercise is an absolute must. Running gives me physical and mental freedom while yoga brings me an immense amount of inner peace and physical and mental strength.

Emma Kornberg

My morning routine includes always smiling when you wake up. Even if you feel completely groggy, you just have to kind of stretch out and smile because it’ll make your whole day brighter.

Heather Willems

  • Meditate 10-20 minutes
  • Journal three things that make me feel grateful
  • Have a morning dance party with my daughter

Helen Chiao

The first thing I do when I open my eyes is recognize that “today is a new day,” “I’m grateful for this day,” and “the world is my oyster, I will use my time wisely.” I also drink water when I awake each day. It’s very important to stay well hydrated and eat breakfast every morning. You’ll feel better with good nutrition. Lastly, I listen to music in the morning, usually classical and jazz. Music has always been an important part of my life, and I try to incorporate it into my family life now, as well.

Sarah Walko

The first thing is I take care of my dogs, and then I go running outside in all weather every morning. I have a rule for myself – I don’t let myself think about anything stressful during that time. I’m running I have good music and it’s all about getting the endorphins going and the music blasting and being in a really positive free headspace. Then I have a cup of tea and get going with the rest of the day.


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