Lessons for My Daughter

Wisdom is often earned by living through life’s sometimes hard, and sometimes beautiful lessons. In an era of information overload, an important part of being a mother is to find the time to share those lessons with daughters soon enough and often enough to give them the chance to apply them to their lives.

Emmz co-founder, Emma, sat down with her mother and fellow Emmz founder, Jana, for an interview to capture some of these important ideas.


If you could send me ‘life’ reminders every morning, what would they be?

  • You are not defined by other people or what they think of you. Make your own thoughtful choices, it’s your life, not theirs
  • Have the courage to be yourself and speak up
  • Don’t be a pleaser – it won’t work for you long-term
  • Put books before boys
  • Have meaningful relationships or move on fast
  • We’re happier when we’re kind
  • Help others and don’t be shy to ask for help when you need it
  • Be active in every way
  • Small progress every day is big progress long-term
  • Don’t lose your sense of wonder and joy, you have so many opportunities!

What do you think this century needs more of?

Gender equality and more women at the table in politics, art, science, environmental and technology leadership, and more progressive teachers because they are going to bring different points of view, wisdom and compassion and this will change what happens in their country and in the world.

What is on your wish/bucket list?

Building a platform where interesting women share their advice, tools, habits and lessons learned with girls (and their mothers), when they need it the most and feel most vulnerable. This is something I was looking for and couldn’t find and now we can build it together.

That’s why I started Emmz. My dream is to extend my mission of empowering through knowledge, as I believe this is the key to happy life.



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